Aloe Vera is reported to have a beneficial effect on scar tissue and the prevention of scarring as a natural acne skin care treatment.

This is because the activity of the amino acids in Aloe Vera stimulate cell production, the basis for the formation of new cells, and its enzymes promote skin regeneration within the deeper epidermis (skin layers).

Research into how Aloe Vera affects scar tissue has been carried out specifically in relation to removing or reducing scars in acne patients.

If using aloe vera products to counter acne, it is recommended that the skin is cleansed well with either an aloe vera soap or cleanser. A topical aloe vera ointment or gel should then be applied directly to the skin. If you decide to use gel from an aloe vera plant, the juice from the leaf or the plant should be used directly on acne in the same way.

Aloe Vera should be applied to acne several times a day for at least a month. Aloe Vera acts as an astringent which may tighten and dry the skin initially.

The skin may not respond for at least a number of days, if not weeks in stubborn cases of acne but it is usually possible to achieve genuine improvements causing older acne scars to disappear or simply by repairing damaged and inflammation of skin.

In cases of acne scarring, long-term use of aloe vera is recommended, reducing the application of topical Aloe Vera treatments after the first or second month. This is dependent on the individual, the severity of any acne scarring and the effectiveness of the treatment. Aloe Vera should still be applied at least twice daily.

If skin is already dry or becomes dry during this treatment, an aloe vera moisturiser is recommended to counteract this problem and it may further assist the process.

Aloe vera is usually suitable for sensitive skin but it should always be tested first.

The effect of aloe vera on acne is to reduce infection, stimulate tissue regeneration and work to reduce potential scars or existing scar tissue. Aloe vera juice can also be taken internally to assist this repair process but is not essential to any acne treatment.