Do 5-a-day of fruit and vegetables really give glowing skin and improve skin tone? You are what you eat? My mother told me that eating my greens would put color in my cheeks, and I told her I didn’t want green cheeks! Now, while my mother was right, it appears I might have been too.

Glowing Skin

If you’re a bit ‘off-color’ then maybe this study by University of St Andrews researchers holds the clue to achieve healthy glowing skin.

After monitoring the diets of 35 people, it was claimed that even a few weeks of eating fruit and vegetables could affect your skin tone, suggesting more coloration in those eating more greens.

Other research suggests these changes may make you more attractive though the study, in the PLoS One journal, might not fully reflect the link between consumption and appearance.

For some time it has been considered that the influence of yellow and red pigments (called carotenoids) as found in many types of fruit and vegetables, can affect skin tone. However, it is not clear exactly how much influence a normal healthy diet can have on glowing skin.

Skin Tone

The study’s results suggested changes in fruit and vegetable consumption might be related to changes in skin tone, with more fruit and vegetables contributing to glowing skin with a deepening of natural red and yellow skin coloration.

The study does not appear conclusive but it highlights an essential aspect of our diet. Dr Glenys Jones, from the Medical Research Council Human Nutrition Research laboratory at Cambridge University, commented: “With the vast majority of the population not consuming the recommended five-a-day of fruits and vegetables, this could be another way of encouraging people through our own innate vanity to increase fruit and vegetable intake.

“After all fruits and vegetables contain a wide range of nutrients that are good for not just for our complexion, but for our overall health.”